Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why don’t we know our purpose?

Everything has a purpose. I love talking nature walks and what I love most is how the animals, insects, trees, flowers, etc. function according to their purpose. Yesterday, I walked through these termites which were swarming around their freshly built dirt hills. However, the termites did not seem fazed that I had walked through and crushed some of their hills. They did not stop what they were doing, they didn’t leave their station and chase me down, they didn’t fly the other way, they remained where they were and continued building because they were that intent on completing the job.

This morning I read my daily portion of scripture and Exodus 35: 30-35 really stood out to me.

30. Moses said to the children of Israel: "See, the Lord has called by name Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah.
31. He has imbued him with the spirit of God, with wisdom, with insight, and with knowledge, and with [talent for] all manner of craftsmanship
32. to do master weaving, to work with gold, silver, and copper,
33. with the craft of stones for setting and with the craft of wood, to work with every [manner of] thoughtful work.
34. And He put into his heart [the ability] to teach, both him and Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan.
35. He imbued them with wisdom of the heart, to do all sorts of work of a craftsman and a master worker and an embroiderer with blue, purple, and crimson wool, and linen and [of] weavers, those who do every [manner of] work, and master weavers.

This portion of scripture illustrates how God laid out His purpose for this particular man’s life. It wasn’t no “if ands or buts about it”. There was no grey area; it was all black and white. There was no trying to “find yourself” or guessing, or figuring anything out. God laid it out in GREAT detail.
I first read these verses about three years ago. At the time I was “figuring myself out” and didn’t know my calling or the purpose God had for me on this Earth. I knew I wanted to do something on the lines of research but it was all cloudy and I did not have a definite vision, and “without vision the people perish”. However, when I read this scripture about Bezael, I asked God to lay my life purpose and the life purpose of my future children to me in Great detail also. So I actually got a notebook and wrote out the scripture, but I placed my name in it. And as God began unveiling who I was I began writing it out, just like it was in that verse.
Now I want Him to lay out the life purpose of my future children just like that so I can know how to raise them in the way in which the Lord wants them to go. It is imperative that I also know the life purpose of my future husband so I can prepare for him before he comes into my life permanently. However, my future husband needs to truly know his own life purpose for himself. It is his responsibility as a man period to find out who God has created him to be. Because a man who does not know who he is; is truly not a man at all. He may be a male physically, but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally he is merely a boy.

Finally, I want to be a wife who truly knows her life purpose. Because what good is a woman who does not really know who she is? Too many women are looking for men to be their father figure, or their savior. However, this is imbalanced and they are actually putting unnecessary pressure and expectations on men. A man only owes you love, he does not owe you the childhood you never had or the father you never had. He cannot go back in time and be that ex boyfriend who should have took you to the prom, or that crush that promised to call but never did. Give all those daddy issues, ex-boyfriend issues, and should’ve could’ve would’ve issues all over to God.

Men and women both need to know their purpose in God. Because not knowing who you are will cause you to choose a person who does not know who they are. And you will more than likely choose the WRONG person who is not the mate God truly INTEND you to be with. This will lead to a divorce because “how can two walk together unless they be agreed”. The consequences of this is seen in the Bible with Queen Vashti in the book of Esther or the wrong marriages that God did not approve of in the book of Ezra. In both cases these ill-fated, mismatched marriages led to Biblical divorce. How can you choose your own mate when you don’t even know “thyself”? Or better yet, why are you “choosing”, isn’t God the one who appoints mates (Gen 24)?

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