Monday, June 25, 2012

Being Overlooked by Men

This past weekend my youth Pastor discussed a woman being hidden by God.  Often when a woman has truly submitted herself to God and is actively working to develop her character, God will began to hide her from men.  She may notice that she is not approached as often and may feel overlooked.  She may even believe that something is wrong with her and question her outward appearance.  However, this is God's way of protecting until the right man finds her.  The right man, who is seeking a wife, will place inward qualities high above mere physical traits.

This really freed my spirit because I observed this occurring in my life.   I recall being interested in this one guy but he would always passed me over for more ungodly girls.  He would always have joking conversations with these girls, but basically ignore me.  If he did happen to talk to me which would be once every blue moon it will be very brief.  I went to God about this because I was hurt and  God said "He is ignoring you because he is in the flesh.  He is not interested in a Godly, Torah abiding woman at the moment.  That is why he doesn't talk to you,  he's a slave to his flesh.  However, when a man is full of My Spirit, and can hear My voice, he will easily see the treasure within you."

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