Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stop Nagging

This past Sunday I did prison ministry with my church.  We discussed the topic of "nagging".  During ministry, I expressed a situation I had with a loved one recently.  I gave them Godly advice concerning a situation in their life and when they didn't follow it I continued to "advise" them.  This person got pretty irritated with me and I did not quite understand why.  Later, I came to realize that my advice had turned into nagging.  

One of the sisters from the church pointed out that when we "nag" people concerning the things of God it is because we don't trust God.  Our lack of trust comes in when we do not see immediate results.  Often God is doing things behind the scenes, in the person's heart, and in that person's life that we have no knowledge of.  God works with the inward man because that is what He is concerned with.  Then we will later see the manifestation outwardly (1 Sam 16:7).  However, we often get discouraged when we do not see change right away.  I have learned that changes do not happen overnight.  Sometimes it may take years or even decades for a person to change. This is all about that person's will, that God does not force.  However, God will allow unfavorable circumstances to occur in the person's life to wake them up, but it is up to them to change.  God will keep allowing the circumstances to occur until the person "get's it".  So do not think your prayers are ineffective or that the person did not hear your advice just because you do not see immediate change.

So when we advise people only do it as you are led by God.  You tell a person once and leave it at that (unless God directs you otherwise).  You do not have to constantly nag them.  God will give you the patience to wait for the change to occur in faith.

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