Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life Changes

“And Joseph was brought down to Egypt”  Genesis 39:1

            The word vicissitude describes events in life that occur unexpectedly, seemly to our detriment.  These situations just happen out of the blue with little to no warning beforehand.  Rabbi Zelig Pliskin describes in “Growth through Torah” (pp 110) how Joseph was sold into slavery and this initially appeared to be a devastating event.  However,  God used it for the purpose of delivering His people from famine.
            Likewise, we should not be too calm when things are going well.  Rabbi Pliskin explains that when Jacob reunited with Joseph, that that event was actual the beginning of Israel’s 400 years in Egypt.  Moving to Egypt to escaped the famine That is the event that placed them there, so they eventually fell into slavery.

            In conclusion, we must lean on and depend on God and trust in His sovereignty.  If things in your life look terrorizing just remember who is in control.  Be confident that God is in control and working things out for the good.  

Pliskin, Zelig Rabbi.  1988. “Growth through Torah:  Insights and stories for the Shabbos Table”.  New York:  Bnay Yakov Publications.

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