Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cush and the Bible Part 1

 Little is known about the Ancient Kingdom of Kush, located South of present day Egypt, in the Sudan. The Egyptians began using the word “Kush” (or Cush) around 1550 B.C. to describe those people living south of their land along the Nile River (Sonneborn, 2005).  The land of Cush is also very important to African Biblical History.  In the book of Genesis 2:13, one of the rivers in the Garden of Eden, Gihon, is stated as flowing through the whole land of Cush.  Later on Cush is mentioned again as being the oldest son of Ham. Genesis 10:6.

            The people of Cush were described as being tall and smooth skinned Isaiah 18:2.  The communities around them feared them. They were described as being an aggressive nation of strange speech in verse two.  Their land was full of rivers as described in the eighteenth chapter of Isaiah.  However, God spoke that He will bring their rule to an end.  The people of Cush must have been close to God’s heart for Him to chastise them as He did.

Sonneborn, Liz. (2005). People of the Ancient World:  The Ancient Kushites.  Scholastic.

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