Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dreams Part 1

What is the purpose of dreams? Why do we have them?  What is God trying to say to us? In the Bible we find God speaking to people through dreams. He warns, edifies, comforts and directs mankind using this tool. The first mention of the word "dream" can be found in Genesis 20:3. Here, God warns Abimelech that the woman he took for himself, Sarah, is Abraham's wife. God goes on to state that if he marries her, he is as good as dead.

Dreams reveal knowledge that is hidden from us

Genesis 20:3 illustrates the hidden knowledge which can be revealed through dreams.  Abimelech had no idea that Sarah was Abraham's wife.  There was no natural indication of such a relationship. He assumed that Sarah was Abraham's sister because that is what he told him.  However, God revealed to Abimelech that Sarah was married to Abraham.

Dreams warn us

God also warns Abimelech against marrying Sarah.  He states that he will be punished, rather severely, if he lays with her.  Since God knows that Abimelech took Sarah under false pretense, He gives him a fair warning before executing judgment. However, God lets Abimelech know that if he goes any further and marries Sarah he will die.

Dreams reveal God's Mercy and Intervention

We see the mercy of God revealed through the warning God gives to Abimelech.  God is a God of compassion and He does not strike people down at random.  He gives us the benefit of the doubt and take drastic steps to intervene.  Dreams are God's way of displaying His mercy and intervening in our lives.

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