Saturday, October 20, 2012

System Restore My Life

            System Restore is a computer command that is used in the event such as a virus or a crash.  The command restores a computer to the state it was in before the problem occurred. 

            Sometimes we need God to run a system restore on our lives.  Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:  “Why am I not further along in my life?”  “How did things get this way?”  “How did I wind up in this miserable situation?” “Where did I go wrong?”

            The last question “Where did I go wrong?” is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when your life is a mess. The question requires introspection and acknowledges that the individual has contributed to their uncomely circumstances. 

            But there is hope beloved.  If we repent, which is not just saying “God I’m Sorry” but also taking action.  True repentance is turning completely away from sin, bondage, or situations that hinders you from following God’s PERFECT way.  Only with true repentance can God run a system restore on your life, returning it to a Godly condition.  

            Father God, you are Lord of my life.  I recognize you as the one true God, the Living God.  I acknowledge that my life is not where you have intended it to be.  You formed me before the foundations of the World and my soul was with you in Heaven when you created me.  I know that you have better for me and I truly repent.  I let go of any situation, circumstance, individual, habit, addiction, and relationship that hinders my walk with You.  I desire the plan of God for my life.  I purpose to seek your face daily.  Your name will I praise when I first wake up in the morning, as I go about my day, and before I sleep at night.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.  

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