Sunday, November 18, 2012

God will meet your needs when you pray for others

This morning I woke up praying about certain needs in my life.  I had mentally etched out a block of time for later to "prayer walk" as I hiked a nature trail.  However, a thought came to me stating that I should dedicate that time to intercede for others instead of focusing on myself.  I then had a knowing that God would take care of my needs as I pray for others.

Intercession is vital to God's works upon the Earth.  After the golden calf incident (Deuteronomy 9), Moses had to intercede for the children of Israel so that God would not destroy them.  He had to push past his own frustrations with the children of Israel and cry to God on their behalf.  The children of Israel being spared is a prime example of the fruits of intercession.  God wants us to be focused on the needs of others.  He does not want us to become so consumed with our own needs, desires, and wants that we fail to cry out for other people's suffering.  The word of God admonishes up to "bear one another burdens" Gals 6:2.

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