Friday, November 30, 2012

Overcoming Wrong Thinking patterns

God has been dealing with me concerning my thinking patterns.  One of the destructive thinking patterns He is working out of me is the "life is hard" mentality.  It snuck in during childhood when I faced challenges.  I would think "I would never win at the science fair because it is too hard" or  math is too hard I'm not going to make an A.  And guess what, it worked every time, I would not win at the science fair, or make an A in math, because in my mind it was just "too hard".  I remember wanting to be a cheer leader and knowing how to do splits, but that other stuff (back bends, and tumbles that was just 'too hard').  So this thinking robbed me of achieving some of my goals.

As I became an adult, this "life is hard" mentality became centered on jobs, relationships, personal goals etc.  Some jobs I would not apply for (though I knew I was competent) because the job requirements just seemed "too hard".  Everything seemed "too hard".

However, today something changed in me.  I was reading a book for class and for some reason the whole "this is hard" thing started coming over me.  I started getting distracted, tired, and even fell asleep.  It was not that the content was hard to understand, it was just dense.  The content was interesting, but you had to read it over and over and over again in order to fully understand it.

So I started talking to God about my life and my mindset.  I told God that I don't want to think this way and I asked God to help me change.  Then I heard the verse in Psalms 18 that said "through You I can run through a troop and leap over a wall".  I don't know the exact words but it is something to that effect.

In order to challenge our thinking we must say what God says.  We must declare His Word when times get tough.  I love reading Psalms 18 and when I say it aloud, I personalize it.  I imagine God riding on the wings of the cherubim to deliver me out of circumstances.  I imagine God being angry at the problems in my life as Psalm 18:7 explains.  We tend to imagine God just sitting on the throne of glory twiddling His thumbs while we are going through Hell! However, God is not doing that, He does not want to see us suffer.  Make it a point to look to the word of God to challenge wrong thinking patterns.

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