Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tackling Unbelief

This morning I was thinking of how many of us, myself included, suffer from feelings of doubt, unbelief, and worry at times.  This can cause us to question the power of God.  Yet, we believe in the electricity that we cannot see which gives life to inanimate objects.  I was thinking about how amazing technology is today.  You can skype with someone on the other side of the world, literally interacting with them face to face through technology.  Though there may not be a physical cord that connects you in the U.S. to that person in Australia, there is electrical currents. There is something unseen that is working which causes satellites or signals to join from both sides of the world.  There is something unseen which is allowing you to see each other's face on the computer, laptop, or other electronic device.

Why don't we have that type of faith in God.  God works in the unseen realm also, however we cannot fathom His works.  We cannot "trace" electricity or fully understand the inner workings of how it operates by simply pressing the power button, but we trust it.  Let's make a special effort to trust God even more.

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