Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Crisis of Manhood

I am currently reading a book for class called "Guyland" by Michael Kimmel.  It is a very good book that chronicles the issues many young men are experiencing today.  One of the key issues discussed in the book is the lack of guidance concerning young men who are entering adulthood.  Kimmel's research provides very good intellectual insight, however, I am going to offer some spiritual solutions.

In society, we interpret masculinity based on cultural norms disseminated in the media.  Men are often portrayed in terms of physical strength, aggression, and sexual prowess.  However, these images are contrary to Biblical masculinity.  The Bible repeatedly represent manliness as being focused on God.  In order to be a man in the Bible sense, an individual must have a life totally submitted to our Heavenly Father.

When David was about to die (1 Kings 2:2-3), he spoke words of wisdom to his son Solomon.  They were instructions concerning a man's conduct.  He told Solomon to be strong and show himself a man.  However, David did not define "being strong" or "being a man" by wealth, physical characteristics, or analytical skills.  David focused on a man's spiritual life.  He told Solomon to walk in the ways of God, keep His instructions in order to prosper wherever he went and set out to do.  He did not encourage Solomon to chase women, be an expert in logic, or knock people out.  He told Solomon that being a man meant following God.

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