Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Real Reason why Most Black Women are Single

I just finished reading a book called "More Than Just Race:  Being Black and Poor in the Inner City" by William Julius Wilson.  This book discussed structural causes for the impoverished state of the Black community such as joblessness, criminal justice system, job and housing discrimination, etc.  However, many people often believe that people are impoverished because of their own individual faults.  These reasons are called "cultural factors" such as "black men are dangerous" or "black women just keep having kids".  However, these reasons are untrue.

As I read this book, Wilson began discussing how those same structural factors causing impoverished inner-city Black communities is also fueling the singleness among Black women.  It have nothing to do with "Black women having attitude problems" and things of that nature.  It is because society's structure is presently fueling racial inequality which is causing a shortage of marriageable Black men.

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