Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Voice of God Pt 1

In the beginning mankind heard the voice of God clearly with no problem.  There were no doubts, no uncertainty, no confusion.  God's voice was easy to distinguish.

However, this has changed so drastically.  By the time we reach adulthood we have more than likely been indoctrinated with ideas concerning the nature of God.  We have grown accustomed to Western logic and philosophy which directly opposes the kingdom lifestyle.  Some of these ideals are so prevalent that we believe them to be correct.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was Adam and God (and of course the animals).  Adam and God communicated openly without any dogma, preconceived notions, or miscommunication.  For Adam, hearing God was as natural as breathing.  That was God's intention.

Today the communication is muddied and more difficult to understand.  We can still hear Him, but there are other voices competing with His Voice.  That is why we must keep God first in everything we do, so we will be more in tuned and quickly recognize His Voice.

Pt 2

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