Monday, November 19, 2012

The Voice of God pt 2: How things got off

"Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made" Genesis 3:1.  Merriam Webster defines subtle as “a. delicate, elusive b. difficult to understand or perceive.”  It is also defined in Merriam Webster as “cunningly made or contrived”.

 Notice the word "delicate".  When you think of something being delicate you think of gentleness.  Satan took the gentle approach.  He eased his way to his target.  He didn't come right out and say "eat this fruit" nor did he address Eve in a forceful tone.  He took his time and presented his argument in a way that was hard for her to resist.    

Satan continues speaking to Eve by saying "hath God can't eat the fruit".  This tactic was very crafty because Adam received the commandment not the eat the fruit directly from God before Eve came on the scene.  This means that Eve heard the commandment from Adam.  So Satan as trying to put doubts in Eve’s mind concerning what Adam said.  He was trying to imply that Adam was lying.  Satan wanted to incite more doubt because Eve took Adam for his word, however in reality she didn't know whether Adam had truly heard from God, or made that command up.  So we see how the Serpent tried to come between Adam and Eve in the very beginning.  

Satan’s tactic was to use questions to spike Eve’s curiosity so she would want to eat the fruit.
She knew she was talking to something that was other than God.  Did she ever question what it was she was talking to?  Did she ever wonder (hey are snakes supposed to talk).

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