Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hang in there!

I am going through a situation where I have some dry bones in my life.  I have been speaking to these bones for a month and a half, but became discouraged when nothing APPEARED to happen as of yet. However, this week's Bible reading included Ezekiel 37 which I believe was a direct Word from God for my situation.

Ezekiel was face with a situation where he had to speak the Word of God to the House of Israel which was represented as dead, dry bones.  When he began to prophecy to the dry bones notice how it was a gradual process.  Those dry bones did not jump up when Ezekiel first opened his mouth.  The manifestation happened gradually.

Likewise, the manifestation of life to our dry bones may happen gradually.  However, we must continue to prophesy concerning the dry bones in our lives.  We must plead our case before God by speaking the Word of God to our situation.  A lot of times God is developing our faith and seeing "how bad do we want it".  How bad do we want breakthrough?  Are we going to continue to press through, or will we quit?  Will we continue to speak to our situation,  or will we allow frustration and discouragement to cause us to become lazy?  Will we stand in faith until we see the dry bones come to life?

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