Friday, December 28, 2012

Marriages from Hell

Marriages from Hell, or Ill fated unions, are unions that are doomed from the start. They were not designed by God but by human error. This goes on in the Body of Christ, which may be the reason for the high divorce rate among Believers. God did not design every person you encounter to be a potential mate. Some people are only meant to be your brother or sister in the Lord.

However, we often run ahead of God and start dating someone. We may be in Bible study one night and noticed that brother such and such has a lot of wisdom and insight into the Word of God. Our eyes may lock and fireworks go off. We think that we have experienced something spiritual when we were just aroused. Next thing you know, we are naming and claiming the brother as our husband.

This same process goes on for men who are even more tempted by what they see. Men are very visual and a brother may see a woman with “childbearing hips” and all of a sudden believes this woman is sent from God to bear his children. Next thing you know he is claiming her as his Proverbs 31 wife. However, this woman was not meant to be, they have nothing in common. Though they are both Believers a marriage between these two would be a nightmare. They do not have the same purpose, complementary personalities, or interests and hobbies. Their nature is night and day, oil and water.

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