Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Holiness of Sex

Sex is a holy act, one reserved for a male and female joined in HOLY matrimony.  The word  holy is emphasized because some marriages are made in error and does not reflect God's plan.  However, marriage between two people selected by God is meant to mirror the Divine aspects of masculinity and femininity woven together as one.

What do I mean by the "holiness of sex".  That very phrase seems to be contradictory.  However, God created sex and sex within itself is not sinful or dirty. But, if taken outside of its proper context, sex becomes something that is perverted, shameful, and never completely satisfying.  Notice how some people have sexual addictions where they are constantly having sex but never truly satisfied. That is because they are having sex that does not reflect Divinity.

Sex must reflect Divinity. This is a concept that may seem new, but have been here since the foundations were laid.    In order to understand the holiness of sex we must discover the aspects of God sex represents.  I will discuss these aspects in more detail on tomorrow.

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