Monday, February 25, 2013

The Hebrew Aleph-Bet

I'm currently taking a Hebrew aleph-bet class at my church.  Through this class, I have learned the important of the Hebrew aleph-bet as it pertains to scripture.  Scripture has been translated from the Eastern based language of Hebrew to various languages of the Western world such as English.  Thus, the essence of scripture has been lost and reinterpreted various ways, hence the many denominations in the Christian World.  The very character of scripture has been tampered with.

I learned that each Hebrew letter has it's own meaning and a corresponding numerical value.  As my teacher states, when you understand the essence of each letter, just reciting the Hebrew aleph-bet is essentially a prayer. 

The first letter "aleph" א is related to the Hebrew word "aluph" which means master (Munk, 2007).  Since it is the first letter of the aleph-bet, it symbolizes God's oneness and His role of being Master of the universe.  Thus, it's numerical value is "one".  Likewise, when an individual utters the letter aleph they are essentially praising God for being One, the Master of the Universe.  How amazing.

The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet:  The Sacred Letters as a Guide to Jewish Deed and Thought by Rabbi Michael L. Munk

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