Friday, September 19, 2014

Year of Jubilee

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading about  "blessings" listed in Deuteronomy 11.  I noticed how the Word contrasts to the notion of "blessings" preached by many ministers, especially on television. Often times on Christian television "blessings" are usually associated with sending in a specific amount of money as a "love offering", "sacrifice offering", etc.  Some ministers would even go as far as preaching in such a way that it would scare or excite viewers into sending in money.

However, in the Word of God, blessings are a result of obedience to God and his instructions not a result of giving money.  There is nothing wrong with a minister asking for an offering for a specific purpose.  We know that it takes money to help people in need.  However, twisting scripture in order to manipulate people into giving is wrong.  True Blessings are a result of walking blameless before God.

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