Tuesday, May 29, 2007

State Minimum Wage

I was looking at a state minimum wage chart. I thought that VA was bad at $5.15, but I looked at Kansas and their's was $2.65. Who can live on that, you can't even buy soap with that. (Click on the title to see the chart).


Insightful said...

Kansas may have $2.65 as their minimum wage but if you've noticed some states like Mississippi and Alabama have none. I thought the minimum wage was currently around $5.00 (as passed by congress almost 10 yrs ago). Didn't you think the same thing? This means that if individual states can set their own minimum wage then congress raising the national minimum wage this year won't mean much.

Rhoadie said...

I noticed that to, I do not know what that exactly means for Mississippi and Alabama, I hope they would not allow someone to work for $1.00 an hour, I am not sure why they do not have a minimum wage.

I thought that the minimum wage was suppose to be $5.15 since that is the Federal minimum wage. But why did the federal government had to go through the trouble establishing one if the states were going to set their own anyway? I really do not understand all of these differences between state laws, federal laws, etc. I thought everyone had to uphold whatever is passed in congress.

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