Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A weird experience that shows me how to deal with the demonic realm

Recently, I had to give someone a ride and the moment they step in the car they were murmuring, complaining, and I quickly realized that they were trying to engage me in an argument.  At first I was trying to response kindly to their complaints, but nothing seemed to work.  They just jumped from one complaint to another and I realized that it was a demonic spirit I was up against, not just their personality.  So I in response I responded by praising God for His goodness, His Kindness, His Faithfulness.  Every time they had a complaint I responded with Praise to Our God.  They were the passenger in MY CAR and I was doing them a kind deed giving them a ride.  And I was not going to aloud them to just unload a bunch of anger and complaints in my presence.  So they stopped for a little while and then things got silent.

All of a sudden, they started by up.  So I started praising God in response to their murmuring and complaining.  I even had to opening rebuke the spirit of murmuring and complaining aloud in the name of Jesus.  This is something I usually don't do (rebuking a spirit out loud because I don't want to hurt no one's feelings) but I realized this person was not in their right mental state, they were squirming in their seat and trying to take their seat belt off when I was praising the Lord.  It was like they were trying (or those demonic spirits) trying to make the person escape, however they had no where to go.   After I rebuked the spirit, they sat quietly in the seat the rest of the ride.

It was the weirdest experience I have ever had thus far and the first time I ever had to use my Christ given authority in a bold way.  

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