Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Walking in Love

We have all heard the saying,  "It is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar".  What does that mean exactly?  On the surface we may surmise that it only refers to having a pleasant attitude, but how do you extend that into your everyday life?

As Believers, people will be drawn to our walk, which is our everyday life.  The World is looking for hope, and if they see the joy of the Lord upon us and witness us overcoming challenges with Grace, they will want to know more about our God.

Being a Witness for Jesus is more than opening a Bible and pointing to a verse.  More importantly, it is about our life and how we live it.


Insightful said...

Ah, rudeness. This is a topic I can go on and on about. Last fall I was an assistant teacher for a short stint. I taught a range of ages—all in one class and had a hell (excuse the language) of a time. I’m not married and I don’t have any children; nevertheless, I’m a guy who loves children, but these kids were the worst. For starters the now defunct school had just opened and took in the neediest kids—all the troublemakers and LD students. The students talked over me, started fights in class and actually threw a ‘football’ around the classroom while I was teaching. I was only there for a month or so (having left due to not receiving any pay). Anyway, the point is that ‘manners’ start in the home. The children were rude because they came from homes in which their parents hadn’t taught them any better. Discipline/good behavioral values start in the home. We all face rudeness in life but if we are rude in return we only compound the problem in society. I could say so much about this matter….

Rhoadie said...

I agree, manner start at home. Where you teaching in the Bahamas or in the States?

Insightful said...

I was teaching in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is very Americanized—very familiar with American culture, which must’ve shone through in the previous post (playing football in class LOL). That previous post was in no way meant to be an indictment of Bahamian schools. Bahamian schools are good enough for anyone to send their child to. They do a decent job of educating students. What occurred at the small school where I was teaching happened to be a matter of circumstance. There was bad management, bad plumbing, bad services—you name it! Yet they rushed the opening of the school to pupils in order to generate income. This ended up hurting the school because in the rush for as many students as possible all the problem children were allowed in. These were children whose parents were looking for some place else to send them. In the end a lot of these parents would not or could not pay their children’s school fees. And the rest is history.

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