Thursday, February 15, 2007

Waiting Patiently On the Lord

Last night in Bible study my Pastor discussed "Praying in the Spirit". We usually think that only applies to speaking in tongues. However, he explained that there is another dimension of prayer, which is "waiting on the Lord".  

I always thought waiting on the Lord, meant that you were waiting for God to manifest an answer to your prayer.  However, I discovered that it means sitting quietly before God and seeing what is on the Father's Heart to pray about.  

Praying how God leads you is the key to receiving breakthroughs.  We often get ahead of God and just sound off a list of requests without waiting to see if He will give us something to pray about.  


Insightful said...

I love your blogs! I am from the Bahamas, and my society is similar to American society--particularly African American society with church life figuring heavily in the cultural mix. Getting to your point about waiting on the Lord it seems that many people only pray in their time of need. So they do the reverse and have the Good Lord wait on them. But as you so wonderfully pointed out we should look forward to waiting on the Lord "more than they who watch for the morning." And this includes those times when everything is swell. In fact it is times like these when we really need to make time for him--to wait on him. I also think that waiting on the Good Lord is 'meditation' in a word. You are not necessarily asking for something; what you are doing is taking out a quiet moment to receive his guidance. Meditation before the Lord, right? Rhoadie I enjoyed your latest blog. (Adored the analogy you made, too ;-)

Rhoadie said...

Thanks for reading them insightful.

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