Saturday, April 21, 2007


What do you think is some of the root causes of it? How does a society find balance when one of the main things driving it is greed? Any thoughts?


Insightful said...

One for sure main cause of greed is selfishness. As you may already know, 'capitalism' helps drive selfishness. As I've pointed out before everyone is in this 'rat race' to get ahead of everyone else. By the way, if you ever wanted to know what western slavery stemmed from it was CAPITAL GREED that caused it. In a way I guess it's just human nature. But those who cannot keep up will fall by the wayside (one of the rotten side effects of CAPITAL GREED--as I call it).

I think society as a whole will find balance when the gov't curbs it. (Read about the robber barons at the turn of the 20th century to see how impactful the gov't can be). The gov't makes the first step on the national level and you'll probably even get other nations following in America's footsteps since she is a leader.

Rhoadie said...

I agree, and greed is so prevalent in this society that even the computers some how can track sites you visit and will send mail/email to you.

Example, I was checking out some plane ticket rates for a family member. I did not type in any personal information whatsoever. I kid you not, in three days I received some mail from that airlines trying to solicit plane ticket deals. How did they get my information, especially my address? How did they know that it was I that was searching for the tickets (it was specifically addressed to me and I live in the house with 3 other people). This is not the only time that has happen, I was doing research on health benefits and about a week later I got an email about health benefits. How did they get my email? Strange but true.

Insightful said...

Yeah, and some of these e-mail spammers are very conniving--let me tell you. To prevent you from blocking their e-mails now they use jpeg pics instead of text to describe their products. So you can't really block them using a common word because it's all pic description and no text. They're also using various e-mail addresses for the same product so you can't really block that either. Next maybe they will start charging us to breathe fresh air..

Rhoadie said...

If only all of the engery for these creative gimmicks can be used for good.


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