Saturday, June 2, 2007

Emotions Part 3

Last week we discussed Samson and the consequences he suffered as a result of having erratic emotions. His deadly flaw was the fact that he told his enemies the deep things of his heart. One thing that the Word states is that “a fool uttereth all his mind but a wise man keepeth it until afterwards Proverbs 29:11”. There is even a better translation that states, “A fool expresses all his emotions but a wise person controls them (God’s Word Translation).

My mother used to get on me about disclosing many of the deep things of my heart to people I have just met. I usde to believe that I can just “click” with certain people, and that they were as well-meaning as I am. However, I have learned the hard way that there are people out there that will use you. So we must be careful.


Insightful said...

Perfect case in point: Back in the early 80s Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney were close friends (or so they thought). In fact, Paul even did a song with Michael called Say Say Say. During the course of their ‘friendship’ Paul had confided much of his knowledge of the music business to Michael, including how important it was to own the publishing rights to ones music. On top of that he also told Michael that his music catalog was on sale for $47.5 million and that he had planned to purchase it before long (following his own advice about owning the rights to one’s publishing); however, with that little piece of inside info Michael beat Paul to the punch.

What Michael Jackson bought for $47.5 million in 1985 was the publishing rights to 159 or 251 Beatles songs, depending on who's counting. When Paul McCartney wanted to print the lyrics to "Eleanor Rigby" and other Beatles classics in the program for his 1989 world tour, he discovered he'd have to pay a fee to Michael Jackson. It wrecked their friendship because Michael is not willing to sell the Beatles catalog, which is worth hundreds of millions more today. But Paul McCartney only has himself to blame because he had disclosed many of the deep and personal things of his heart to Michael—without truly getting to know him.

Rhoadie said...

Interesting, my mother always says that it is good to keep your mouth close.

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