Friday, December 27, 2013

Band-aid Relationships

Band-aid (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

  •  used for a small adhesive strip with a gauze pad for covering minor wounds
  •  offering, making use of, or serving as a temporary or expedient remedy or solution

      Today, I am going to discuss band-aid relationships.  These are relationships that serve one purpose:  escape.  Often people with deep seated wounds that seek relationships in order to escape their inner turmoil.   However, as you will soon discover, band-aid relationships only leads to more problems.  

      What is the purpose of a band-aid?  First, band-aids are used to treat minor wounds.  The key word here is MINOR.  If a person has a deep cut, a band-aid will do more harm than good because a deep cut is a MAJOR wound.   Deep cuts can cause a bacterial infection, serious nerve damage, or even a limb that has to be reattached. Moreover, an individual in a band-aid relationship are left in greater pain because band-aids are designed for minor wounds only.  

     Secondly, band-aids are used as a temporary solution and quick fix as described by the words "expedient remedy".  Many people knowingly or unknowingly seek band-aid relations as a quick fix to their pain.  However, as the definition states, it is only a temporary solution and that pain will resurface again sometimes worse than before.  

    Band-aid relationships are dangerous because they cause many of us to waste years in relationships that are disastrous the well-being of everyone involved.  Some people even end up marrying individuals unsuitable for them only to go through a painful divorce years later.  

   However, God is the solution to our inner turmoil.  He is the only one capable of healing us.  Our pain can be so deep we don't understand it.  A lot of us are carrying hurts and insecurities from our childhood that we carry into our adult lives.

   If you find yourself in a band-aid relationship seek God's wisdom and direction.  Follow His guidance and obey His voice the first time.  Second, you need to pray that God send the right people into your life that can help bring solutions to your issues.  This may include professional help such as counselors, therapists, etc.  Third, do not seek other relationships until you are healed from those inner wounds.  

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