Monday, October 16, 2017

Speak it and so shall it be

Speak it and so shall it be
Scripture Reading: Genesis 1
Meditation Verse: “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

“Speak it and so shall it be”, do you know that the gift of speech is so powerful? God almighty used this mighty vehicle to speak the whole world into existence. Since we are created in His image, we have that ability also.

However, we as human beings do not utilize our gift of speech enough. We spend most of our prayer time, begging and pleading for God to do things that we ourselves can declare into existence. How do we declare them into existence, by using His Word. God Himself did not wish, beg or plead for the world to be formed, He spoke what He wanted and it appeared. When God said “Let there be light”, light appeared.

The “how long” dilemma

Our biggest challenge is usually the time between the Spoken Word and it's physical manifestation in our lives. I once took a healing class and the instructor challenged us to look at the Creation Story differently in turns of manifestations. She stated that we often assume that when God spoke the Universe into existence, everything happened immediately. When God spoke “Let there be light” we do not know how long it actually took “light” to manifest. However, if it took 2 seconds or 2 days we know that light appeared. God was not sitting in Heaven hoping for some light. He confidently know light would appear. We have to have that same confidence.

In closing, remember that God wants us to speak things into existence. It does not matter what the “let there be” is in our life, have full confidence that if you speak according to what is in God's Word and do not deviate from that, you will have it.   

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