Friday, December 8, 2017

Do Not Allow Anyone to Knock You off Your Square

"Your enemies will be right in your household!"  Matthew 10:36

     I always looked at a person's enemies as being someone on the outside.  Someone far away.  However, your enemies are often in your own households.

    Now when I say enemies I am not talking about a literal enemy.  But people close to you who are well-meaning often try to discourage you from accomplishing your goals in life.  More often than not, the road God is leading you down involves blind faith, trust in the Almighty God.  

   They often do not have a relationship with God so they do not understand why you are taking the road less traveled.  They may want to take the safe route, the route that their mind can conceive of.

   Even Jesus had to say to Peter "Get behind me Satan!" Matthew 16:23.  He then went on to say "you are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns".  

   This is powerful.  Most of our loved ones do not have the mind of God concerning our life.  They are on "survive" mode while God wants us to thrive.  They can often be a stumbling block to us, trying to get us to conform to their way of life.  They do not have in mind what God think, they only know what they think.  They only know human concerns, what you will eat, where you will sleep, etc.
However, God tell us not to even worry about that because He is our provider. Matthew 6: 31-34.

   In closing, hold fast to God and pay the opposition no mind.  Do not give up on your dreams, keep trekking forth.  It may be hard because they may live with you, but press into God and let Him fight your battle.  Only God can vindicate you.  Most importantly only He has the last word.

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