Monday, December 11, 2017

Renewing your mind and what to expect

      A new year is coming up and I decided to start my resolutions early.  One of my areas was renewing my mind (Romans 12:2).  Renewing the mind is an active part of my life.  It is not something that I just "mentally do" but I actually have to cancel out negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.  Sometimes I would even right down my feelings and then answer it by writing down the Word of God.  That is how I renew my mind.  I have been doing this several times a day.

   Do you know the first morning I started it, by lunch time it was like all hell had broken loose.  It was like the busy bodies were working overtime to try to feed my mind with frustration, doubt, and unbelief.  No one knew what I was doing it was between me and God.  However, within hours I start receiving text messages about what someone said about me, blah blah blah.  Just a bunch of nonsense.  

  I had to take what I was feeling to God because I began to go into a panic.  However, I listen to some soothing gospel music, prayed, and left it in the hands of God.  I was able to make it through the day.  

  So God will allow your Faith to be tested to show you where you are.  He wants you to exercise your Faith.  It was fine for me to write those positive thoughts down and scriptures when I was not facing any opposition.  However, God wanted to see how I would handle myself once the test really came.  Would I continue to write in my journal, seek His Face and pray?  Or would I respond in the flesh.  

  God will sometimes allow your Faith to be tested to see if you will stand the test.  Sometimes you must be persecuted for His Name.  People bad mouthing you is a form of persecution.  People having an opinion about your contrary to the Word of God is persecution.  However,  you just stand firm in Christ and carry yourself like a man or woman of God.  Ask God to lead you in when to open your mouth and when to be quiet.  Stand back and see the salvation of God.  Exodus 14:13

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