Saturday, July 7, 2018

When God Seems Far Away

Photo: Engin Akyurt
 "The Lord is with you when you are with Him.  And if you seek Him, he will let you find him." II Chronicles 15:2. 

       In life we sometimes experience moment when God seems far away.  More often than not, it is not God who is far away, but it is actually us who is far away from God.  Life may have cause us to withdraw ourselves from His Presence because we may be busy with career, family, and even church.  Also sin will keep us away from God especially when we are not quick to repent.   

       In order to feel closer to Him we must spend time in His Presence.  We can start by setting aside time each day (such as in the morning when we arise) to pray, worship, and study Him.  

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