Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Single's Series

****Adding some new material to my book, will be available by Sunday November 18.

 Have you ever pondered God's stance concerning mate selection?   Is God involved in choosing mates, or does marriages happen at random?  I can recall several years ago being frustrated by these very questions.  As I searched the scriptures I discovered God not only chose mates, but has designed them to fulfilled a common purpose.  This purpose includes a shared destiny handcrafted by the Almighty One.

"Our Heavenly Father:  The Matchmaker on High" will reveal hidden knowledge concerning mate selection as we journey through ancient Biblical text.  You will discover how mates are revealed to an individual even before birth.  You will receive wisdom concerning how to identify and guard against Satanic counterfeits.

This personal study covers five days of knowledge concerning a new topic each day.  After reading the daily topic, there a section for personal reflections.  Here, you will answer questions designed to identify where you are personally on your journey to marriage.  This book can be used individually or in a group setting.  Discover wisdom concerning one of the most mysterious Biblical subjects.  This downloadable study is in pdf format and will change your life forever.   *note digital content is not returnable

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